enough about me, let's talk about you

  really, the whole reason this website exists is so that people can contact me. it helps offset the fact that I am absolutely terrible at keeping track of people's addresses. so, if we've met before and you are looking for a way of getting back in touch, fire away.

  if we've never met, feel free to drop me a line as well. since this site is linked from the bungie site, on the staff homepages list, quite a few bungie fans find their way here too. it's always a pleasure to chat, but please remember I can't talk much about halo 2. suggestions are welcome, though.


  lately the amount of spam in my mailbox has been holding steady at about 80-100 messages a day. since this is getting rather tedious, I'm trying to do something about it. the logs for this site show many spambot webcrawlers hitting it, and presumably signing me up for all kinds of promotional goodies.

  so, there are no longer any direct mailto: links on this site. sorry for the inconvenience. but for all you humans that want to email me:

it's 'butcher' at, oddly enough, 'finality.net'


  this may get me in trouble with my corporate masters, but I just can't stand to use msn messenger (horrid piece of software that it is). instead, if you feel the need to 'im me', try icq uin 5519692.

  you can also reach me on xbox live as gamertag butcher2 (in homage to the myth bungie.net, which seem as though they will never die.

real world

  if you want to contact me by mail or phone, drop me an email. no stalkers, please. currently located in seattle, washington and loving every minute of it.

updated 02.21.18
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