the blame game02.21.18 10:12

  so whose fault is it, really, that this website never gets updated? you could make the argument that it's my responsibility and that I have been shirking it... and that would be a fair argument. but instead I think we should point the finger squarely at those two old culprits 'nature' and 'nurture'.

  in brief: bungie. halo 2. madly in love with meaghen. seattle. summer 2003. t-minus 15.193792102158E+9 years until the universe closes.

 phoenix rising02.21.18 10:12

  a lot can happen in four seasons, although you wouldn't know that just from looking at this website.

  but now is the winter of our disinterest made glorious spring by this newfound internet connection... and really, what better time to revisit and revitalize a neglected project than the rainy months? especially here in sunny seattle.

  expect great things, or at least new things, soon.

 open for business02.21.18 10:12


  it's taken me a lot longer than I first anticipated to get this website up and running... but I hope that the extra effort will pay off in the long run. in addition to writing a set of scripts to handle news archiving and related goodies (which meant learning a new scripting language, php), I also decided to move all of the material from my old website across to here. of course, it was all hopelessly out of date and so I had to spend a while updating it.

  but now that's done! there are still a few small things to be added, but they're all incremental changes and I can add them without breaking existing stuff. in the meantime, there's already a lot here. the menu at the left of the page will let you browse it - enjoy!

updated 02.21.18
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